Hydrant System

Haneda, Tokyo International Airport, with four runways in operation has the largest aircraft handling capacity in Japan. Aviation fuel, which is required in enormous quantity in this airport, is transported by oil tankers from domestic refineries to our jetty, then unloaded to our receiving facility. After settled and stored in the storage tank, fuel is pumped to the apron area, then brought to the aircraft. This system is called “Aviation Fuel Hydrant System” or simply “Hydrant System”, which enables into-plane fuel operation more effective. Most of the pipelines, which are extended more than 40km, are laid underground so as not to disrupt the road or runways passing over the ground.

Hydrant System












1Oil Tanker

Oil Tankers, loaded Jet A-1, arrive our Haneda berth. Loading capacity of each tanker is approximately 2,000 kl to 5,000 kl.

2Unloading Arms

Unloading Arm connects fuel dischargers of the barge with fuel receiving pipelines in jetty. We closely monitor fuel leakage, pressure of receiving pipelines and flow rate.


Bucket strainers are attached to the pipelines or fuel vehicles to remove dust and impurities from the fuel.

4Filter Separators

Filter Separators remove water and impurities from the fuel. Aviation fuel is filtered twice, once when brought into the fuel storage tanks and again when discharged.

5Fuel Storage Tank

There are 8 vertical covered floating roof type tanks with each capacity of 8,000kl to 9,800kl to store unloaded Aviation fuel (Jet A-1) from oil tankers.
Additional 2 tanks (9,300kl and 9,800kl) are currently under construction process for their opening in 2020.

6Hydrant Pumps

Hydrant Pumps are used to deliver fuel to the aircraft. Flow rate is automatically controlled at optimum pressure by using VVVF (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency) motors.


Hydrant pipelines are divided into blocks by underground pits. Inside the headers, several equipment such as surge pressure absorber, fuel flow routing or shutting down valves and low-point drain for checking fuel quality are installed.

8Hydrant Valves

Hydrant Valves connect hydrant pipelines with fuel dispensers. More than 2 valves are installed at each spot.

9Fuel Dispenser

Fuel Dispenser connects hydrant valve to the aircraft. It is equipped with filter, flow meter and pressure control gauge.

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