About "Obbli"


Obblicomes from:

  • Obbligare
    "Making a connection" in Latin
  • Obbligato
    "Melodious accompaniment" in Italian
  • Obbligo
    "A sense of gratitude" in Italian
Our goal is —No.1 Energy Service company
Obbli is our corporate brand, which was introduced to mark the 50th anniversary of San-Ai Oil's foundation.
In the rapidlychanging energy industry,San-Ai Oil group resolves to be a "No.1 energy service company"building and maintaining good relationship with customers,local community and society.We appreciate the word of thankfulness from the customers and change it into our driving forth to contribute to the society."Obbli"is the symbol of our high quality energy service as well as our strong will and hope for future.

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